As the Palestinian / Middle East region constitutes the birthplace of the three monotheistic religions, it may also represent the geo-spiritual and geo-political lynchpin for peace on our planet.

At the root of all historic conflict is the philosophical paradigm of:  “I have the right God and you don’t.”  

This leads to the illogical belief that: “I must be good and YOU, the other, are bad” and if this so then “I must be righteous and YOU, the other, are evil.”  

Once the “other(s)” is/are defined as “evil” all manners of horrors are rationally inflicted on them in the name of God.  

Therefore, by bringing healing to this Middle East region and inspiring a greater realization of Love that is common to all religious and spiritual teachings, we believe this takes a foundational step in establishing peace on earth. 

Towards this realization of peace in the Middle East and around the world we ask for your support of our global campaign, beginning in and from Palestine, entitled:

Love All Love Wins




Project Peace on Earth (PPOE), Founded by Steve Robertson, is based in Woodland Hills / Los Angeles, CA and was founded for the global promotion and attainment of peace. To ensure sustainability, the for-profit entity is developing and producing events on an annual basis and generating revenues from ticket sales, merchandising, TV/Film development, concert media (DVDs, CDs, downloads) and licensing agreements. To make a positive impact on a large-scale, charitable donations will be generated and channeled through existing and future non-profit entities that will deploy resources across time zones, borders and cultures to bring about real and lasting change. Project Peace on Earth is producing and promoting a wide variety of concerts, events and campaigns to inspire the message of love and peace.  

Learn about what PPOE has accomplished here.

OUR RELATIONSHIP TO PARTIES WE'RE RAISING FUNDS FOR:  This campaign will raise funds to support various NGO's who want to promote and implement the LOVE ALL LOVE WINS campaign, as outlined above.

FUNDS WILL BE USED FOR:  Printing LOVE ALL LOVE WINS slogans on a wide variety of apparel, stickers, banners, flyers and more.  The promotional materials are designed to remind all people, especially in war torn areas, that LOVE WINS.

Contact us at:  LoveAllLoveWins@gmail.com



With each of your contributions you will witness videos and photos from around the world messaging the goodness of your heart and the caring of your personal affirmation of LOVE ALL LOVE WINS.

We intend for your message of LOVE ALL LOVE WINS to be realized in every place and on everything you could possibly imagine.  So IMAGINE BIG, because  everyone involved with the campaign will be !!!

To roll the initial campaign out we're looking for your support to print:

love all love wins arm bands Arm bands

Love All Love Wins T-shirts 



UDHR Love All Love Wins T-shirts and Arm Bands


Love All Love Wins Car door reminders

Walking for Peace 2



(All T-shirt, arm band and sticker photos are from Gaza)

Paint and Decorate the destroyed and ugly

With your support we will make sure the world remembers to LOVE ALL  and that LOVE WINS.


EVERYONE IS INVITED TO BE PART OF THE TEAM. We believe in you and in your capacity of loving goodness.   We know everyone can make a difference.  Your smiling face of possibilities says everything about the good that can be created and that is truly happening right now. The campaign aspires to empower each person to BE the Change and act as though the salvation of the world depends on each one of us.
How much good can you do in the world?  We believe you're only limited by your imagination. Want to help us spread the message of Love All Love Wins?  We will accept anyones sincere offer of help and support. Email us.  Let us get you going on your mission of good: LoveAllLoveWins@gmail.com  
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